Him and Her Sex Blog

We talk about sex and sexuality


  1. Knisolagnia 
  2. Intersex
  3. Pansexuality
  4. Sexual Assault
  5. Homosexuality in the Military, the History of DADT
  6. Pederasty
  7. Trichophillia 
  8. Phone sex, Sexting, and Long Distance Relationships 
  9. Handkerchief Code
  10. Furry Fandom
  11. Exhibitionism
  12. BDSM
  13. Virginity
  14. Urethral Sounding
  15. Society’s View on Gay vs. Lesbian Relationships
  16. Asexuality
  17. Safe Sex
  18. Non-penetrative Sex
  19. HIV/AIDS
  20. Being out
  21. Anal Sex
  22. Artificial Hymen
  23. Circumcision
  24. Transgender
  25. Cuck(h)olding

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