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Her: Topic #28: Bestiality

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Bestiality is a fascinating fetish to me. I do not like or agree with the act, but research about the topic intrigues me. The act really disturbs me and upsets me because of the animals involved.

As far as I know, there isn’t anything different concerning brain chemistry in the individuals who partake in bestiality. The attraction to animals is there, that is different than typical, socially accepted fetishes, but as far as I  know, nothing is mentally wrong with these people.

I really do not like how often and how bold people are becoming when we hear about another scandal with animals. I’m going to have to disagree with Him and say that the laws in place are just. I feel that even though we have no way of determining consent in animals, we still should not allow or become lenient with this kind of animal abuse. Sometimes the animal might not be harmed by the intercourse, but more often than not, the animal is hurt and the person committing the act does not care.

I’m always disappointed and angered when I hear about more animals being abused, but it’s really sad when a human is severely injured or killed.

I completely agree with Him when he said that fetishes and kinks need to be safe and have fail proof plans.  I can’t personally see a sex act worth dying for, unless homosexuality was going to get me killed. Let’s remember to keep it safe for everyone and not break reasonable laws while we’re at it.


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