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Her: Topic #27: Pedophilia

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This post is a difficult one for me to write about.  I have mixed emotions about pedophiles for many reasons.  There are the pedophiles that prey on children and attack them and then there are the pedophiles that go to great lengths to repress their urges and actively seek help. 

When doing some research on pedophilia, I became aware of the different names and categories, if you will, of pedophilia.  Pedophilia is technically an adult 16 or older with an exclusive sexual interest in children 13 and younger.  The offender must be 5 or more years older than the child to be classified as a pedophile.  There is Hebephilia, the interest in children 11to 14.  There is also Ephebophilia, the attraction to teenagers 14 to 19.

When I was 15, I was sexually assaulted by my ex-girlfriend.  I have always referred to her as a pedophile, but I have realized that she is technically a Ephebophile.  She was 21 when I was 15, so I think that it’s valid that she is an ephebophile and a pedophile.  It’s filth like her that makes me hate pedophiles.  She is a monster and, hopefully, karma will kick her in the ass. 

Some pedophiles act on their urges.  These people hurt children of all ages, depending on their preference.  These people need the most severe of punishments because the ones that refuse to change will repeat offend until they are caught again.  Not all pedophiles give in to their urges, some go to great lengths to stop themselves at all costs. 

The people that stop themselves are the responsible and unfortunate people who move far away from schools and parks, they chemically castrate or find other ways to harm themselves to prevent attacks, and they seek treatment.  These kinds of people are so unfortunate; they never wanted to be attracted to children or teenagers.  I think that they need protection from the public if people find out that they are sex offenders and living in their neighborhood.  I feel as though, with the proper therapy and precautions, that they can attempt to lead a semi-functional life.  The pedophiles that don’t act on their urges give me hope within humanity that we can be better than our carnal instincts and our lust.



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