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Him: Topic #27: Pedophilia

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First and foremost I would like to apologize for this post coming a day late. I don’t really have any good reason other than having to psych myself up to write this post. As anyone who has read my post on sexual assault knows, my step father was a pedophile. I’ve known this topic would come up eventually, and I thought I would be ready for it, turns out I wasn’t.

Now that we’re here lets talk about pedophiles! My knee jerk reaction to pedophiles is hatred. I want to hate them all because of my step father, that being said though I don’t think that is fair at all. There are individuals who are pedophiles that never act on their urges, who actively seek treatment and fight against their urges. I think those people should be, in some way, praised. They don’t CHOOSE to be attracted to children, who really would? They just are. Some of those people allow themselves to be medically castrated for fear that they might break down and hurt some innocent child.

The others though, that is another story all together. The pedophiles that act on their urges are, in my humble opinion, the scum of the Earth. Those people hurt children so badly that they will struggle with issues of guilt and self hatred for the rest of their lives. Children can sometimes be inherently sexual, that does NOT mean that they are sexually attracted to an adult. Children play doctor, it happens all the time and I see nothing wrong with that. When an adult takes advantage of a child though? That bothers me.

I honestly think that pedophilia is a horrible disease that is a very real part of our society. I think it is stupid to ignore pedophilia and ignorant to sweep every pedophile under the bus as disgusting horrible people. Some are depraved, but some are fighting to rise above their impulses and urges, and that deserves, at the very least, a nod of respect. The ones that succumb to those urges though? Fuck them, they deserve prison for the rest of their lives.


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