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Her: Topic #26: Animal Roleplay

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I’m so sorry that this is late again!  I swear, finals and work will be the death of me! Now onward to the post!

When I first researched Animal Roleplay (also known as Petplay) I realized that the fetish is almost identical to BDSM.  I like the fact that these two kinks are basically one in the same because this made me less intimidated about the subject at hand.  Him gave us all the low down on the basics and the history, so I guess I can start on some of the psychology stuff.  

I would categorize Petplay as a sub-community of the BDSM culture.  The fetish seems to be focused on the power aspect of a couple’s sexual relationship.  The person who assumes the role of the animal seems to get the creative room to wiggle around in.  There are varying degrees of how animalistic people become during these Petplay sessions, but humiliation and admiration are large pieces of this puzzle.  

The act of becoming something that isn’t quite human and the role that one chooses to move into definitely interests me.  The animalistic person can choose to be humiliated by being less than human, or be admired/feared for being more than human.  I’m going to use Horseplay as an example.  Horses can be considered a tamed and used beast; in the past, we have abused them during war and any sort of very long distance ride.  People still will ride a horse into the ground, or until it dies.  Being ridden like a horse can be the submissive side of this fetish and on the opposite end, being a horse can be the dominant partner by pretending to be exponentially stronger than the human partner.  Horses are strong animals and they can do quite a few simple actions that could end up killing someone.  

I do admit that I enjoy dom/sub roles and have indulged in some activities that could be perceived as moving into humiliation territory.  The act of being lower than someone (and then in a different situation being the dominant/superior partner) can really get my blood going.  As always, as long as both partners completely consent and there is a discussion before, during, and after the act, then everyone should enjoy themselves and explore.  I think that if you are slightly interested in a kink, “don’t knock it until you try it” or at least consider slowly introducing the kink into your bedroom.

With some of the sex toys and products out on the market, this kink seems like it is easily obtainable to a point, so that people who choose to partake can do so without going out of their way to make their desires a reality.  Luckily for people here in our area, one of our larger sex shops have quite a few options at a decent price.  So let’s all go and have some awesome, safe, mind blowing sex!



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