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Him: Topic #26: Animal Roleplay

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I’ve never been in a relationship that involved petplay, which is really a damn shame. I like to think that I know a bit about this particular subject since it is one of my bigger kinks. I love petplay stuff, especially Kitten play. Something about the master/pet relationship mixed in with that little touch of lashing out that happens in Kittenplay drives me up the wall.

It’s no secret that I’m a big supporter of the BDSM community since I am technically a part of that community. From what I read in the Info post I think that, for once, there is absolutely nothing surrounding the topic that I’m not alright with. I might not be interested in ponyplay or puppyplay overmuch, but I think they are perfectly healthy and as long as everyone involved consents…have at it!

I’d like to make something very clear about erotic Animal Roleplay: IT IS NOT BESTIALITY! When two or more individuals are in engaging in petplay or any other variation thereof, they are not roleplaying having sex with an animal so much as having sex with their partner who has assumed a specific power role. The attraction to petplay does not come from a desire to have sex with animals, it comes from a desire to be sexually adventurous and/or kinky with ones partner. I say again, petplay is NOT the desire to have sex with an animal.

In a shocking turn of events, the person with whom I find myself smitten is apparently not opposed to Petplay. I honestly don’t think of it as any more hardcore than your average run of the mill BDSM play. To be totally honest, I’m super excited and whatever happens will be fun and great and just…yes.

I’ll leave the more psychological stuff to Her, since that is her area of expertise. The only thing I would be comfortable mentioning on that front is that, while I’m sure it works amazingly well….I don’t undersand it. Then again, I don’t understand much of anything in the psychological field.


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