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Her: Topic #25: Cuck(h)olding


This week’s topic is about a subject that I personally find fascinating. I have spent many hours reading the subReddit for cuckolding. When I first discovered this fetish, I knew that I would have to learn more to better my own knowledge and to be able to possibly discuss the topic if it ever arose in therapy with a client. I have never participated in cuckolding and this fetish does not do anything for me sexually.

I do enjoy the fact that the woman typically holds all of the power in these kinds of situations. I also am intrigued by how much communication must go into this fetish, if it is executed in the healthiest way. To be able to be so open about a “taboo” and sensitive fetish is fantastic! I applaud the couples that manage to make their relationship work and partake in this fetish! I can see how cuckolding can be so sexy; it’s one of the ultimate ways to display dominance and submissiveness. By acting in those roles, you’re on the extreme end of the spectrum in both cases.

The variance in cuckolding is interesting, as well. There are the people that go out on dates with unsuspecting people, sleep with them, and then return home to their partner (which is what Him discussed), there are the people who seek out people who will know about their reasons for the dates and know about the fetish. I know that these couples must do a lot of research into potential partners to let one of them go off to a hotel with them or even invite this stranger into their home.

The one aspect of the fetish that I don’t really enjoy is the practice of getting specifically an African American man (typically), having him cum inside of the female (in female-male cuckold relationships) for the purpose of impregnating her, and referring to this person as a breeder. For some reason the “breeder” term irks me, probably because it makes this man animalistic and it seems like it’s an insulting term. The act reminds me of slavery, but I’m probably looking way too deeply into this.

All in all, the subject is incredibly interesting to research. I invite anyone to do their own investigation and see what they think about such a touchy topic. Feel free to shoot us an email and share any comments or suggestions with us!



3 thoughts on “Her: Topic #25: Cuck(h)olding

  1. For some reason, “breeder” reminds me of the only heterophobic slur I know. >_>

    Still fascinating, though I admit I had to look up the definition of “cuckolding”; assuming this isn’t a common fetish, I’d recommend adding a brief description of the more… Esoteric, fetishes out there.

  2. Fantastic site you have over here! Just wanna say thanks for that and keep up the great work!

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