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Guest post: Topic #24: Transgender

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Just gonna put my credentials out there: I’m a trans guy and the overwhelming majority of my sexual experiences have been with trans ladies.

It’s been covered over past posts, but I’m just going to repeat, communication is important! Whether trans or cis, it’s important to know what parts of your partner’s body they like and don’t like to have touched and what terms they’d prefer you to call their parts by. Being trans is not the signifier for whether or not someone wants to have their breasts/chest touched or wants to penetrate/be penetrated.

I don’t think I’m too abnormal for a trans guy in my preferences but they might not be what you’d expect. I like my breasts and nipples played with so I don’t always bind while having sex. I’d prefer the whole area to be called my chest but I don’t really care if you call them my breasts/boobs (just as long as you don’t call them titties). For downstairs, I’ll call that area my pussy/dick/cock interchangeably. I really dislike the term “front hole”.

When talking about oral I can call it “eating me out” or “sucking my cock”. And though some guys don’t like vaginal penetration, I love it. I also like to penetrate! Strappin’ on is fun, but it’s often awkward (the worst part is putting the apparatus on). But in a way you can feel like it’s a part of you. I even like receiving blow jobs on the strapped on cock.

Sexiness seriously is all in your head. As for my experiences with trans women, some no-op/pre-op dislike penetrating their partners or having their genitals touched at all. My trans female partners have even preferred penetrating me with a strap on. In my experience, trans women and trans men can be really sexually compatible. I like to be penetrated by my lady while we both take care of our gender stuff through dirty talk: my cock is fucking her pussy, because we say so!

Having sex with trans bodies makes you realize just how much of sex is emotional/mental. And now I must apologize to Him and Her and all you readers for the shortness of my post, because there’s a cute trans girl wiggling her butt at me…



One thought on “Guest post: Topic #24: Transgender

  1. This post is fantastic.
    I really appreciate the nonchalant and quirky style to Boy’s writing. I’d love to read more things by him.

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