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Her Topic #23: Circumcision


This week’s topic is going to be a difficult one for me.  As everyone probably assumes, I don’t have a penis.  I am also not a mother, so I have never dealt with making this decision for a child or been considered for the surgery. 

In my personal opinion, I like circumcision.  To me, it’s more visually pleasing, there is less to teach the child about when it comes to cleaning and regular hygiene, and I don’t think that having the procedure done later in life would be the best choice.  I know that anesthetic is used (or some form of it), but I think that having the procedure done later in life would be more nerve-wracking, more painful, and probably has a higher risk of infection.

 The infection part of that is strictly my opinion, because to me, your parents are probably going to definitely make sure that their child’s genitals are perfect, that they are healing well.  I know that stuff happens, sometimes we get lazy, and I know that some of us can’t really get to a doctor as soon as we would all like to at times.  Granted, if I had surgery on my genitals, I think that I would be pretty obsessive about the healing process and cleanliness.

I know all about the controversy and honestly, it ticks me off.  Some men get really upset about the fact that they are circumcised.  Now there are procedures to help you stretch your remaining foreskin to try to make yourself uncircumcised.  I think that it’s ridiculous that some people are so hyped up about this because the rates of botched circumcisions are very low and a drastic lack of sensitivity is quite rare.  I know that most men have a ton of feeling in their penis and I envy that.  I have quite a few friends that don’t have much feeling in their clitoris or even in the vaginal opening.  The “I know I would feel more, even though I have feeling now” argument pisses me off.  I completely understand if there is an issue with sensitivity and I sympathize with these folks.

All in all, I know if I had a son, I would most likely have him circumcised.  I know a big reason for that is because I am lacking a penis, I have no idea how much harder an uncircumcised penis is to clean or care for.  I know that there is a slightly higher rate for Urinary Tract Infections in uncircumcised boys, but that is pretty rare.  I would prefer the look of an uncircumcised penis and would trust the best doctor with performing the surgery on my own child.



2 thoughts on “Her Topic #23: Circumcision

  1. Wow. I completely disagree. I have a son. He is uncircumcised. I am circumcised. Your logic should also conclude that women should be circumcised. Women have UTI’s frequently, it’s harder for women to keep everything clean or to care for. And there are a lot of folds down there – not so pleasing to a man’s eye, perhaps? Who are we to judge? Just because it isn’t pleasing to your eye you feel justified in mutilating an infant? Circumcision is an antiquated practice that was ritualistic and done for religious purposes. We know enough now to show that it is not unhealthy and that it needs to be taken care of just like women have to take care of their stuff to avoid infections. Your main reason is for aesthetic purposes. What if men decided they liked circumcised women because they liked the looks? Should they do that to their infant daughters? It is not for us to decide. If my son grows up and wants to do it to himself, he can. And the medical world could put him out, or use local so it isn’t terrible. This is an ancient, barbaric practice started by bronze age shepherds that has no real purpose. I am against it. Good post though – it made me comment. Cheers!

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