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Him Topic #23: Circumcision

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First and foremost, lets get the obligatory cringe out of the way. If you have a penis, this cringe might be a little more dramatic and could possibly include a small sound of distress. Now everyone take a deep breath, and lets talk about this most interesting of practices.

If you read the information post, which was vast and all encompassing, then you know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding this weeks topic. I find myself of the mind that an infants parents should mind their own business concerning the foreskin of their babies penis. If there is no immediate medical issues that denote the need to remove the foreskin, then leave it alone. When the child reaches adolescence let him decide if he wants to cut off his foreskin.

I will be the first to admit that I was surprised by the statistics about HIV and AIDS prevention in Africa. I had no idea that circumcision was able to be so effective in the prevention of the spread of the virus. That being said, I wonder how that is? and how circumcision has become so prevalent in the United States. I tend to think it is a purely cosmetic phenomenon, especially since the benefits seem to be arbitrary at best.

When I think about myself, having been circumcised, I can honestly say I wish I had been given the choice. I don’t know that I would have wanted someone to cut a part of me off, especially a part that attached to a very sensitive part of my body. Something that was stated in the information post that I don’t agree with at all, and feel needs to be addressed, is the effect that circumcision can have on sexual function.

I’ve been intimate with men who were both circumcised and uncircumcised and I can tell you there was a difference. Overall I found that my partners who had been circumcised were routinely less sensitive overall than the partners who were uncircumcised. That might not seem like a very big deal, but in some cases, the differences were startling. I mean, I know men who have dedicated several years of their life to stretching the skin of the penis in order to “grow” back a new foreskin, there has to be a reason for that right?

The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is simple, I don’t like circumcision and I really do believe that there are drastic effects on the sexual function of the male’s penis. I don’t see how the proposed medical benefits, in most cases, are relevant or in any way give an excuse for the mutilation of an infants genitals. If you don’t agree with me, let me hear about it in the comments!



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