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Her: Topic 22: Artificial Hymen

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I’m just going to come right out and say it; artificial hymens confuse me.   I know about the reason for it when you look at the topic from a religious standpoint, but seriously?  This is the 21st century and women still think that we need to use these?

As a quick recap of Him’s post, in many Middle Eastern countries, artificial hymens can save the lives of women.  Very physical activities can “break” the hymen, which means that many women are killed even if they are virgins.  Some women don’t bleed after their first time, some women have more elastic hymens, some people just want to spice up their sex life.

A quick Google search will tell you more about artificial hymens, but maybe you should just pay attention to the first result.  Apparently, for only $29.99 you can buy a two pack of artificial hymens to surprise your partner, or keep your dirty secret safe.   I don’t like the idea of putting strange things in my vagina, so I wouldn’t know why some people would be so trusting to put something like that into theirs.

The site doesn’t say what the blood is made out of, so I’m going to hope that there isn’t any yeast or sugar in the mixture.  (Do not put those two ingredients in your vagina, ever, bad things will happen).  I really hope that someday soon, we won’t need something so ridiculous to “spice up our sex lives” or to save someone’s life.  Take up a kink, for Christ’s sake.



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