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Her: Topic #21

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This week’s topic is quite the topic. I myself have no personal experience with anal sex, but nevertheless it is still intriguing. I think the main thing to remember when performing any sexual act involving the anus is to use tons of lube and a condom. I personally don’t have much (or any) desire to do any sexual activities involving anal sex, but I know some people really like it.

Also, as you will hear in the podcast, anal sex is often times portrayed poorly in porn. It is unrealistic most of the time because they don’t show that you have to work up to it, and they just “dive” right in without proper stretching/preparation. I think that this causes some people to go into anal sex without proper knowledge and preparation and end up injuring themselves.

Communication is really important, for any sexual intercourse, but especially when there is a higher likely or injury.


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