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Her: Topic #20

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So this week’s topic is a good one for me because I
a) recently came out, and
b) just got back from an LGBTQ business conference about being out at work

My coming out process as not the best, but it got better a couple months after coming out. Before coming out to my parents though I had to come out to myself, then I came out to some strangers, then I came out to friends, then finally my parents. It’s an ongoing process for sure.

Being out in the workplace I think is on a case by case basis. If you feel comfortable, like I do currently, I “come out” on my resume. I explicitly state that I am an intern for an LGBTQ organization and that I’ve attended the Out for Undergraduate Business Conference. If you feel like the place you are applying to though is homophobic then you might want to think otherwise. I personally would have no issue bringing a same sex partner to a company event.

Being out at school can be tough for people. In high school I identified as straight. In college though it has been really great being out!


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