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Her: Topic #18

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So I am writing this post from my iPad so sorry for any spelling errors. But this weeks topic I chose because I was looking on Wikipedia for ideas and I came across foot jobs. That intrigued me enough to have this as our topic.

So non-penetrative sex to me is fine, I have no issues about it, in fact many of them in the info post I would consider or enjoy doing.

Erotic massage sounds really nice, and I love non-erotic massages so I can imagine I would like an erotic one too.

Foot job, I would never want to have someone’s foot stimulating my genitals, but I wouldn’t object to giving one. Hand job I would care about giving either.

Intercrural sex, or rubbing a penis or object between thighs would be something that I would seriously consider doing! I think thighs are pretty sensitive and I could see it as something good for leading up to penetrative sex.

Intergluteal I would not be too fond of.

Mammary intercourse I would have no problem with and would imagine that I would enjoy it.

Stimulation of nipples, I think everybody at some point has stimulated their nipples, usually it feels good but occasionally I find it is just not very “hot”.

Scissoring and oral sex, I’ll let you hear about what I think on this weeks podcast.

Overall though, I think that non-penetrative sex can be good for many different people. It can be used in addition to penetrative sex, or just independent on its own. Who knows, it may even spice up your sex life!


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