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Her: Topic #17

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So when Him chose this topic I thought, “what is there really to discuss?” Me being naive, sometimes assume that people better educate themselves in regards to safe sex practice, but I usually find several people who make me smack my face.

So, I suppose I’ll talk about some of the safer sex practices.

Masturbation, it’s quite obvious for why it is a safe sex practice. Generally it is a solo activity. When you switch to something such as mutual masturbation though you just need to make sure you don’t come in contact with the other person’s bodily fluids.

Then we can move on and discuss non-penetrative sex. I don’t want to discuss this in too much detail, but when performing non-penetrative sex you still need to be careful and make sure you are clean and use protection.

And for penetrative sex, always use protection!!! And if you are having sex in a male female relationship, use birth control too such as the pill or whatever works best for you. I just think that if you don’t use protection you are just asking for something bad to happen.


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