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Hey Everybody!

I’m sorry that the podcast isn’t up yet. I’ve been having a bit too much fun this weekend, but I will do my best to get it up tomorrow!!!!!



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Her: Topic #18

So I am writing this post from my iPad so sorry for any spelling errors. But this weeks topic I chose because I was looking on Wikipedia for ideas and I came across foot jobs. That intrigued me enough to have this as our topic.

So non-penetrative sex to me is fine, I have no issues about it, in fact many of them in the info post I would consider or enjoy doing.

Erotic massage sounds really nice, and I love non-erotic massages so I can imagine I would like an erotic one too.

Foot job, I would never want to have someone’s foot stimulating my genitals, but I wouldn’t object to giving one. Hand job I would care about giving either.

Intercrural sex, or rubbing a penis or object between thighs would be something that I would seriously consider doing! I think thighs are pretty sensitive and I could see it as something good for leading up to penetrative sex.

Intergluteal I would not be too fond of.

Mammary intercourse I would have no problem with and would imagine that I would enjoy it.

Stimulation of nipples, I think everybody at some point has stimulated their nipples, usually it feels good but occasionally I find it is just not very “hot”.

Scissoring and oral sex, I’ll let you hear about what I think on this weeks podcast.

Overall though, I think that non-penetrative sex can be good for many different people. It can be used in addition to penetrative sex, or just independent on its own. Who knows, it may even spice up your sex life!

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Him: Topic #18

“I wanna be intimate, but I’m not ready for penetrative sex.”

I’ve had this exact thing said to me in a previous relationship, several if we’re being totally honest. Of course, the wording was usually a little different, but the same basic idea holds true. For me, intimacy is vital to the success of a relationship. Intimacy, however, does notĀ ever equal sex. Sex is a kind of intimacy, but it is by no means the only form of intimacy. Non-penetrative sex is a fantastic alternative to anal or vaginal intercourse. I mean, when you think abou it, you get the best of both worlds; You get to get off and deepen your bond with the other person…without committing to something as intensely personal and important as penetrative sex.

I’ve experienced most of the examples described in the informational post first hand, and all of them are great fun. There is one point of contention that I have though, Oral sex…IS PENETRATIVE. I make my case for this point in this weeks podcast, but for now I feel like I should explain why I feel so strongly about this. I don’t care if a tongue is getting shoved into a vagina, or a penis into a mouth; THAT IS PENETRATION. A part of your body is penetrating the barrier between you and the other person. I can see no way to actually argue against oral being penetrative that doesn’t address the idea of some part of one person’s body passing into the other persons, even it if is a shallow penetration (as with a tongue in a vagina).

I think it’s also a very good idea to mention that non-penetrative sex isn’t something that only couples who have no interest in penetrative sex can partake in. Sometimes it’s nice to get off with your partner…without all the hoopla involved in penetrative sex. This is especially true when speaking about anal sex, since to properly prepare takes a lot of time and patience. There have been times in my past where, to be totally honest, I really couldn’t be bothered to go through all the work needed to have penetrative sex. In those times of utter laziness, it was always nice to lay down with my partner, be intimate, and get off.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that if you are with a partner, and you want things to stay exciting and fresh in the bedroom, don’t always jump right to penetrative intercourse. Sometimes it’s almostĀ more intimate to get off using only your partners hand and some lube (or thighs, or ass cheeks). I like the idea of non-penetrative sex, and who knows, I might be partaking in some sooner rather than later. That’s for me to know, and you to read about in a future post though.

Until then,


Topic #18: Non-Penetrative Sex

Non-penetrative sex or outercourse (which includes frottage, heavy petting and mutual masturbation) is sexual activity without vaginal, anal, or oral penetration, as opposed to the penetrative aspects of those activities.

Exclusively non-penetrative

Axillary intercourse

(slang: “bagpiping”, in reference to the underarm manner in which bagpipes are played; “directing traffic”, or “pit-wank”, a variant of the term “tit-wank”, are also terms for axillary intercourse) a sexual variant where the penis is inserted in the other person’s armpit.

Erotic massage

rubbing all over, with or without oil.


stimulating genitals with the feet.


penis-to-penis rubbing.


stimulating the penis with the hand.

Intercrural sex

(also known as interfemoral intercourse) type of irrumation, where one partner places a phallic object or penis between the other partner’s thighs.

Intergluteal sex

when one partner places a phallic object or penis into the other partner’s buttock cleavage or gluteal cleft.

Mammary intercourse

when one partner rubs a phallic object or penis between the partner’s breasts.

Stimulation of nipples

stimulating the nipples, usually orally or manually.


type of stimulation of male genitals popular in Japanese brothels: the woman rubs the man’s penis with her hands, thighs and labia majora.


vulva-to-vulva rubbing, commonly known by its “scissoring” position.

Non-exclusively non-penetrative


stimulating the vagina or anus with the fingers.

Oral sex

stimulation of the genitalia by the use of mouth, lips, tongue, teeth or throat.

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Her: Topic #17

So when Him chose this topic I thought, “what is there really to discuss?” Me being naive, sometimes assume that people better educate themselves in regards to safe sex practice, but I usually find several people who make me smack my face.

So, I suppose I’ll talk about some of the safer sex practices.

Masturbation, it’s quite obvious for why it is a safe sex practice. Generally it is a solo activity. When you switch to something such as mutual masturbation though you just need to make sure you don’t come in contact with the other person’s bodily fluids.

Then we can move on and discuss non-penetrative sex. I don’t want to discuss this in too much detail, but when performing non-penetrative sex you still need to be careful and make sure you are clean and use protection.

And for penetrative sex, always use protection!!! And if you are having sex in a male female relationship, use birth control too such as the pill or whatever works best for you. I just think that if you don’t use protection you are just asking for something bad to happen.