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Her: Topic #15

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So every other week when it is my turn to pick the topic for that week I usually start looking by typing sexual related phrases into Wikipedia or Google. This week was a little different though. I was looking at military related things, because in a year or two I want to join the Navy. Then I came across this picture of the Marines and I read the comments and it made me think of this topic! So anyways, here is my response…

I don’t think that gender should affect whether something is hot or repulsive, or acceptable or not. Obviously some people are not attracted to certain genders, but that does not make it alright to post rude comments.

I don’t think that it is ok to post rude comments or make rude remarks regardless of gender, but it especially annoys me when someone is ok with say lesbians kissing but not gay men, I mean if you are homophobic you would think you would be regardless of whether it is two men or two women.

In regards to these images specifically, I ESPECIALLY don’t think people should be making rude comments because Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen (almost forgot, Coast Guard too!) are out there risking their life for our freedom. It is ridiculous when people harass homosexuals in the military, if you have a problem with them serving, how bout you take their place and go to Afghanistan for them and risk your life for our country. But I digress.

I think that love shouldn’t be determined by the gender of the people in the relationship. I also don’t think that it is anyone’s business other than the two people in the relationship. When I read comments that are judging people’s lifestyles I really think those people need to get a life and quit worrying about what other people are doing and just concentrate on themselves.

So I guess to summarize, I don’t think that gender should play a role in same sex couples, and how society views them. 


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