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Her: Topic #14

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So this week’s topic is… painful to think about! Urethral sounding, is inserting an object into the penis, and in the context of fetishes/sex it is for pleasure. First of all, I cannot even begin to IMAGINE how it would be sexually pleasing to insert a metal rod into one’s penis! To me (a girl) it seems like that would not be fun or enjoyable. 

Another thought that came into my head when I read this topic was, “what if you lose your grip on the rod and it goes all the way in?!” That would be a very unpleasant trip to the emergency room to get it out. 

Also, it seems to me that if you keep stretching to the point of no return, it seems as though it could be damaging medically. I’ve also known people who were in the hospital and got an infection from a catheter for medical purposes, so I could see how you could easily get an infection from putting an object into your urethra at home, where there are more germs! Also, in terms of medical issues, a tear in your penis…WHO would want to risk that!!!

On another note, I knew about sounding (because Him told me about it) but I didn’t know that urethral intercourse was something females did as well. I myself, would NEVER do that!

Overall, I find this entire topic to be a bit disturbing and something I myself would never participate in!


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