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Her: Topic #13

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So this week’s topic is definitely an interesting one. For the most part I have similar views to the issue as Him. Although I don’t remember it being explicitly discussed, it was always assumed while growing up that you should wait until marriage. I went to Lutheran schools growing up, so it was part of the religious culture that made that message clear.

For high school though, I switched out of the private schools into the public school system. Best decision ever. I was opened to new ideas and my perspectives changed drastically. Now back to the topic of virginity.

I agree with Him, that if a girl loses her virginity and sleeps around then she is viewed as promiscuous or a slut. Similarly, if a boy sleeps around he is a player and “cool”. I think that is highly overrated, if someone sleeps with other people, then they shouldn’t be viewed as anything by society because it is a personal decision.

I think in the past it was more appropriate to view sex as something negative or just what you do to have children, but times are changing. Sex is something that people do for multiple reasons, maybe just fun, maybe to show your love towards a partner, or to have children, either way people shouldn’t judge people on whether they sleep with people or not.

I personally have not had sex, but I am not waiting until marriage, I am waiting until I find the right person.

Also, considering that same-sex couples can’t get married in many places, they would be waiting for nothing, or possibly for a VERY long time until it becomes legal. Heterosexual couples that think you should wait until marriage need to remember that they have privileges that homosexual couples are neglected from, and they shouldn’t judge people for the decisions that they make. 


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