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Him: Topic #13

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Virginity. VirGINity. Vir-gin-ity. 

No matter how I write it, not matter how I read or say it, that word still pisses me off. Her didn’t know this when she picked this topic, but this is one of the topics that infuriates me to no end. I’ve never, and still don’t, understand how someone’s virginity is so important in this, or any society. It hurts me on a purely empathic level to read that there are still cultures that would shun, or even kill, over something as ridiculous someone perceived purity. 

Any of our readers that enjoy riding a horse will tell you that you can break your hymen that way. If you’ve ever been on a particularly bumpy car ride, say in a jeep through the desert, you could have lost your virginity…as far as the hymen is concerned. Or you could have, you know, slept with someone that you cared about because you felt ready and wanted to. My question is how are those three things any different from each other? 

I know what most of you would say because our society has shamed all forms of sex and sexuality. You would say that if that girl wasn’t married, or was say…15, she was doing something dirty or wrong. That pisses me off to no end, the idea of virginity being sacred was in vogue back when using a chamber pot was common place. 

Oh, and another thing, I personally believe that staying a virgin until marriage is a bunch of bullshit. The premise that a man should know how to ‘please’ a woman on instinct or something is just off the wall crazy. How is a guy supposed to know how to pleasure a woman…when she doesn’t even know what she fucking likes? I mean, come on, you wouldn’t ask a business man to pilot an airplane would you?

I also think that a couple getting married before they’ve had sex with each other is, pardon my language, just fucking stupid. To get married to someone without knowing what their sexual need are is like putting a loaded gun to your head and hoping that when you pull the trigger it will misfire. Sexual incompatibility is one of the leading causes of divorce world wide, don’t you think that if more couples had sex with each other before they got married this wouldn’t be an issue? 

I’m going to stop talking about virginity and marriage and move on to the difference between the virginity of a girl and a boy. Alright, this one seems to be the most pressing for a lot of people because girls are innocent, pure little things. Boys on the other hand are sexual deviants that only think about sex all the time so they shouldn’t be expected to be virgins. Right?

Wrong. Wrong. WRONG. There is NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE between the two, NONE AT ALL. I’ve really never understood how it is that in colleges and high schools across the country a girl that sleeps with many partners is a slut, while a guy that sleeps with the same number of partners is a ‘stud.’ Where is the difference? WHERE?

I’ve heard guys say that a girl who sleeps with a lot of guys has a “Loose” or “Sloppy” vagina. The truth is, thats a bunch of bullshit! After a woman has vaginal birth, she might be a little looser than she used to be, but guys, I’m sorry to tell you this, YOUR DICK ISN’T AS BIG AS A FUCKING BABY. A girl can sleep with a hundred guys and her vagina is, the next day, going to be EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE THE 100 GUYS! (though probably kinda sore). 

I’ve been ranting for a while now, so I’ll just put it in the simplest terms I know. A man that sleeps with a lot of partners is Experienced. A woman that sleeps with a lot of partners is Experienced. There is no difference between the two. I know this might sound a little feminist of me, but really, there is no fucking difference at all. 

If you think I’m talking out of my ass, let me know either in the comments below or in my ask box. If you have any questions, ask. If you think I should jump off a bridge, take your own advice~



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