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Her: Topic #11

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This week’s topic is definitely an interesting one. I don’t want to expose parts of my body in public or to strangers, but I can definitely understand the thrill one might receive in doing so!

If I were in public, I don’t think I would want to see someone exposing their body to me though, so that needs to be kept in mind, that not everybody wants to see your genitals, butt, or breasts. Also, I think if you are able to control it, so meaning that it hasn’t become a psychological condition, you need to keep that in mind, that not everybody is open and comfortable with this sexual act.

I definitely think that this week’s topic is controversial because it can turn into legal and psychological issues. I won’t discuss the legal issues because that is pretty straight forward, but as far as psychological goes, and I feel this about any fetish or kink or fantasy; if it disrupts your life so much that you can’t resist the urge or it causes you to get fired, miss school, or whatever, you definitely should seek help.

Now, even though it can cause legal trouble, I think acts such as flashing, mooning, or streaking can at times be for fun and games (ex. Truth or Dare, at a football game streaking across a field, etc.) but you still need to realize that you can get arrested and end up dealing with the law.

For things such as candaulism, reflectoporn, or martymachlia, I think those are things for the bedroom or some sort of private forum. I can’t imagine many people want to see someone expose their partner in public or want to watch your sexual acts.


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