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Her: Topic #10

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When I first read the topic for this week’s post, I was like “what the heck”.  At first I didn’t even know how it was sexual, until I kept reading. This is probably one of the oddest topics yet. When I first read the post I thought of an Anime convention or a Comic convention. I remember being in Atlanta and seeing people walking around in costumes, one which even fit this week’s topics. They were dressed as a fox with a tail and ears. They were there for an anime convention though.

When I got to the sexual part of this week’s post I was like WTF. I would never have imagined people having sexual fetishes for anthropomorphic animals. If I ever came across anyone who had this desire to sleep with someone who is a “furry” I would be hesitant at first, but I would want to learn more as to why they want what they want.

When I saw the explicit photo that Him included in his post, I was literally in shock, and I think the first thing that came to mind was “WHAT THE F**K!”

So I’m not really sure what else to say even. To me this is a very odd topic. But I suppose if it makes someone happy then there you have it. 


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