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Her: Topic #9

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When I first heard about “Flagging” or Handkerchief Code, I thought “cool, good idea!” That was until I realized how odd some of them were! If they were not as kinky, and were just like Pink-Girl looking for Girlfriend, Blue-Boy looking for Boyfriend, or something simple like that, I would not be so weirded out! But this list is comprehensive, and leaves nothing out!!! 

Also the list I found is titled Gay Hanky Code, so perhaps there are other lists out there more geared towards women. 

AH HA! Found another one…


So comparing the two lists here just a few of the similarities and differences. 

Same: White, White Velvet, White with Multicolor Dots, Black and White Check

Differences: Black and White Stripes

Also some have ones that the other lists don’t have, so between the two lists it is pretty extensive.

I’m not going to say which ones apply towards myself, but I will point out a few that interest me. 

Tweed- Left: Prof. Hot for Student, Right: Student Hot for Professor.

Olive Drab- Left: Military, Right: civil “servant”

Argyle- Left: Geek, Right: likes geeks

Some of these I do see as helpful though, for example Purple Flannel and Purple Gingham. Those are to identify as trans, so I think that may be useful in some cases. 

I’m also curious as to who would actually put a teddy bear, a my little pony, toilet paper, celery, toothbrush, or tampon IN their back pocket?! If I saw someone with one of those in their pocket I would be like WTF if I didn’t know the meaning of them. 


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