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Phone Sex

One way I see phone sex useful is for long distant relationships. If your partner is across the country or even in a different city phone sex could be a useful means of communicating and having relations with your partner. So with that being said, I think it is ok for partners to do it, but I do not think paying someone for phone sex is ok.

I think that when people pay for sexual conversations with a person they have never met is just weird and not right. If you are that desperate to pleasure yourself go online and find some porn. I just think it is not appropriate to pay someone who is on the phone, and I don’t know who would even want that as their job to get people off over the phone.

So to summarize my views on phone sex…

Partner + Partner = OK

Person + Stranger they are paying = Not OK


Personally I do not think sexting is that bad, with the exception that it is illegal. If law was not an issue though I wouldn’t be too opposed to it. I think that if you are sending messages or pictures to your partner, while they are out of town or something should not be considered illegal. If someone complains about what you are sending though then I feel like you should be able to press charges in a similar manner as sexual harassment. But since it is against the law in most states, I don’t think people should do it.

Long Distant Relationships

When I think of long distant relationship the first thing that comes to mind is Gilmore Girls and when Logan is in London and Rory is at Yale/Stars Hollow. Comparing it to their relationship they definitely had struggles and had issue with communication because of the time difference, but ultimately they made it work (although their relationship eventually ended, not due to long distance though).

I think the key to long distance relationship, and really any relationship is communication. You need to talk, even more when you can’t actually see and touch each other due to distance.

When you are in a long distant relationship you need to communicate and have trust in your partner. If you are unable to trust your partner then you probably should not be in a relationship with them. When they say they won’t cheat on you then you need to have trust in their word and keep open communication. I definitely thing that long distant relationships are tough, but like any other relationship you can get through struggles if you are open and honest to your partner.


I think that these topics are very interesting, and I would say they all have benefits and negatives to them. And I probably sound like a broken record by now, but just keep open communication and be honest. 


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