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Phone Sex: Talk dirty to me…

Phone sex as an outlet or sexual kinks that someone might not be comfortable talking about in a real life situation is great! Phone sex for the thousand pound guy who’s looking to get his jollies off, not so much. I feel like phone sex is one of those things that unless you have a serious disability or sexually extreme kink, just shouldn’t be used.

When I think about how popular the were before the internet it makes me a little sad. People were so interested in getting a quick fix sexually that they would just call a sex line instead of go out and meet people. I don’t mean to sound like my mother, but thats one of my biggest problems with my generation. Get off of the phone/messenger/facebook and MEET PEOPLE.

I don’t know, something about calling a stranger and asking him/her to talk dirty to you for a fee while you rub one out just blows my mind. Not in the good way either. Personally I would rather find an ACTUAL PERSON to be with rather than listen to what could be your Mom talk nasty to you. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get off with  someone I can see and touch and kiss, not with a disembodied voice. 

Sexting: Text something dirty to me…and don’t get me thrown in Jail 

I’ll be the first guy to admit that I’ve ‘sexted’ on more than one occasion. What can I say, I have a way with words that makes my sexting really, really good. That being said, I’ve never sent pictures of myself naked to anyone, that’s just stupid and can be dangerous. 

 I just don’t get how people, usually teenagers, think it’s a good idea to snap a picture of themselves and send them out into the ether. When I was in High School there was a young lady that sent a very explicitly nude photo of herself to her boyfriend. I’m sure you can all guess what happened next right? The poor girls boyfriend sent the picture to a friend, who sent it to another friend…and so on until everybody had seen her naked and spread open…if you get my drift. 

The Police ended up getting involved and a bunch of people got in a lot of trouble. The most depressing thing about this, for me at least, is that the girl made a stupid decision  and now her Hoo-ha is floating around even to this day. Thats not something that I think should be common place, but in this day and age I think it is. 

Long Distance Relationships: Hey, I know you live in china, but I love you, love me too?

Fun fact, Until very recently I thought I was going to be in a long distance relationship. In this case long distance was a couple of hours away, but that still counts. That went down in flames when the other person decided meaningless sex with people he had no real connection with was more important than, you know, a relationship.

The funny thing about that though, is I don’t know that I would have a problem being in a long distance relationship with someone and it being kinda open. When I say kinda open I of course mean that we would talk about what was alright and what wasn’t as far as sex with other people goes. Would I be alright with an open relationship in a context that wasn’t long distance? Hell no. 

I understand that guys, and from what I’ve seen especially gay guys, seem to need large amounts of sex. In this particular situation both the almost boyfriend and I have very high sex drives, so I would have considered an open relationship as long as we were both emotionally faithful to each other. Alas, that went down in flames because he’s a jackass who doesn’t know how to be an adult. If you’re reading Mr. Emotionally stunted, I did warn you that I was going to write about you this week. 

For some reason a lot of people think that Long Distance Relationships are destined to fail no matter what. I don’t think that’s right though, I feel like they won’t work if the people involved in the relationship aren’t willing to be honest with each other about their needs and expectations. I mean, is a guy swears to his girlfriend who lives across the country that he’ll be sexually faithful, and he knows thats not something he can do, the relationship is going to end in disaster. 

I’m really curious, what do you guys thing about these topics?


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