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Him: Topic #7

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When I saw this weeks topic my first response was, “Oh, how COOL is that?!” Then I read the whole topic…and still thought it was really cool. Trichophilia is one of those fetishes that I would like to say I’ve never really had any experience with, but I would be lying. I never knew there was a name for my love of long hair, and when I say love I mean deep infatuation. 

Ask any of my female friends and they’ll tell you that I’m constantly touching and playing with their hair, smelling it and generally frolicking around in the garden that I imagine their hair to be. It’s never anything really sexual in nature, at least not with my female friends. For instance, I have to physically restrain myself from running my fingers through the guy I like’s hair. He has this little faux hawk kinda thing going on that really just begs to be played with. 

All that being said though, there’s an aspect to this weeks topic that I DO find disturbing. My infatuation is more an appreciation of the hair….or the person who the hair belongs to. I’ve never in my LIFE had the urge to cut off someones hair and have sex with it, that’s a little outside my realm of alright things to do with someones hair. 

I mean, when you think about it, how would that even feel? The only way I can imagine something like that working would be if the trichophile held the hair then masturbated with it in hand. I can see this technique working for a man, but what about a woman? I asked a friend what she thought it might be like and she said, “Ew, Gross, NO. That would be disgusting and gross. There’s a reason women shave down there man, hair is nasty.” 

As long as the fetishist doesn’t cut off some random strangers hair, this fetish doesn’t seem as horrible as some that I’ve read about. I think everyone has fantasies about things that would make others raise an eyebrow, if not simply freak out. So the fantasizing aspect of this fetish doesn’t really bother me at all, it’s when the person takes hair from other people that I get that icky feeling at the base of my spine. 

As the topic said, normally this fetish doesn’t seem to be all that hard to satisfy and accept. And those that can’t accept it or feel they are going to do something illegal in the pursuit of this fetish, they can always get “Orgasmic Reconditioning…” Alright, I have no idea what that is….but I don’t much like the sound of it.

For this topic I really, honestly, have to say, if it grosses you out, it really shouldn’t. At least persons (myself included…kinda) with this fetish aren’t into sex with corpses or babies or something, right? To be totally honest, I think this particular fetish is kind of cute and harmless, do to all you Hair Fetishists out there….Keep it up!

–  Him


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