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Her: Topic #6

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First off, I knew this week’s topic was going to be a controversial one because Him basically asked me for my top topics of disapproval. Sooooo…here we go.

First off I don’t really see how this is a lifestyle. To me it seems like it would be a very poor choice of lifestyle and one that could cause detriment to individuals involved. It seems weird to me that once you become older you would have your own younger partner, and then they would, and so on. It seems like you would never be able to settle down because you are either young with an old person or old with a young person.

Also, it says that it is typically a relationship between an older man and adolescent boy from OUTSIDE his immediate family. My question is what parent would let their child do such a thing?

I also find the age range to be really odd. I can’t even imagine an 11 year old with an old guy. To me it seems wrong. I will say though, that if the “adolescent” is 18+ then they are an adult and can make relationship decisions on their own. At the age of 11 or 12 though I don’t think kids know enough to know what they want, for a relationship that is. I view this “lifestyle” to be very negative and I could think of it as child abuse/sexual abuse.

One thing I did find interesting though is how the age range varies from country to country. I wonder how they determine the age in which someone initiates this type of behavior. 


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