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Her: Topic #5

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This topic is very interesting to me as I work with LGBTQ issues and the military has always been an interest of mine. I have read several book about the history and repeal of DADT, one book in particular stands out to me is “Our Time: Breaking the Silence of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’”. This book goes into the stories of actual military members who have personally been affected by DADT.

In response to the questions I posed in the Topic Info post…

What do you think of the repeal and the initial implementation?

-The repeal is one of the best things that could have happened. I don’t think that somebody’s sexual orientation determines whether they are fit for service or not. And for the initial implementation – what were they thinking?!?!?

Do you think gay/lesbian/bisexual services members will feel safe enough to serve openly, or do you think there will always be some caution due to the past?

-I think military members will be reserved in being completely open. Once it becomes normal and in several years once the repeal isn’t so fresh in everybody’s mind I think it won’t even be a matter of safety and opening up to one’s military unit. But the past will always be there so I’m sure some people won’t feel comfortable opening up completely.

Do you think that the same rights of serving will ever be given to transgender individuals?

-I hope so! If a person is able to pass all of the physical and mental requirements I don’t think gender or changing one’s gender should be an issue.

I have seriously considered joining the military myself, and if I was serving with someone who was gay, I wouldn’t care as long as they had my back, and I feel that that is the attitude everybody should take when viewing gay/bi/lesbian people in the military.


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