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Alright, so, I have a kind of weird question to ask you guys. I'm a teenaged boy and i thinkk i'm in love with my best firned, but he's a guy. He has a girlfriend and is as straight as you cna get. Im afraid that If I tell him he's ging to beat me up, what should I do?

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Alright, first of all, please make a point of checking your spelling. That being said, your question is a hard one to give an answer to for a couple of reasons, 1. I don’t know anything about this other guy, and 2. I don’t want to make you cry. As anyone will tell you though, I don’t deal in niceties, if you want those you should have asked for Her to answer your question specifically. 

I wish I could get you to respond with more information about this, but I doubt that will happen so here it goes:


Find someone else to have a crush on. You said it yourself, this guy is straight and in what I’m going to go ahead and assume is a happy relationship with his girlfriend. If you tell him you have a crush on him one of three things will happen; 1. He’ll kick your ass, tell everyone your gay, and never talk to you again. 2. He’ll never talk to you again and tell everyone your gay. 3. Tell you he’s cool with you being gay, but that he’s not interested. 

Surprisingly enough all three of those are equally bad, the first two for obvious reasons, the third for some NOT so obvious reasons. I know straight men, some would even call me the straight whisperer, if he’s that third type of guy you have some serious heartache coming your way. He’ll never treat you the same way again. NEVER. The rest of your relationship will entail him not feeling comfortable so much as taking his shirt off around you and him thinking that every time you do something nice for him, it’s only because you are on a quest to get in his pants. 

I would recommend finding another boy who’s, you know, GAY. Let your straight friend remain that, a friend, if you want to admire him from afar, great. Don’t however try to convince yourself that he’s ever going to be more than just a friend. 



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