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This topic can be touchy for some, so I am going to try to respond while being sensitive to people who have been affected by sexual assault. I myself do not know a lot about sexual assault, and I am definitely not an expert on the topic or statistics, so I am going to try to respond directly to the stats provided in the topic post. I remember back in high school people came to educate us about it once or twice, but that was several years ago. 

I think that sexual assault is one of the worst crimes, and it is especially awful that 73% of female sexual assaults were done by someone they knew. I am however not surprised that 92% of sexual assault victims were female though, because it is my guess that a lot of males do not report sexual assault, due to thinking people would react negatively. 

One statistic I was surprised by though was that, of the 11% of rapes involving a weapon, the use of a knife was higher than a gun. I wouldn’t think that people would use a knife more often than a gun. 

With all of this being said I think that if anyone experiences a sexual assault or rape, they should definitely report it and get help immediately. It is nothing to be ashamed of and there are people out there who can help you get through it.


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