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Her: Topic #3

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This topic sparked my interest (and thus made me decide to pick it) because I really wanted to know what the difference between pansexual and bisexual. 

First, before I go on, I want to note that when I “define” these terms such as bi, pan, gay, lesbian, etc. I am using a more literal, “webster’s” definition. I do however realize that everybody can have their own meaning of these words and their definition may not line up with mine exactly. With that being said…

I think that pansexual individuals are fortunate that they have the capacity to be attracted to many different people. I think that some people may confuse the idea of pansexuality though. Just because you have the capacity to like many different people does not mean you like EVERYBODY. As a matter of fact the same goes for any sexual orientation, just because you are gay does not mean you will be attracted to every guy, lesbians every women, etc. Just like every straight person isn’t attracted to every member of the opposite sex. 

Now I have a question for you the readers…if someone that is bisexual finds someone trans to be attractive, but do not know that they are trans at first, then later find out and are still attracted, are they pansexual? Some food for thought. 🙂

My answer, as my economics professor would say: IT DEPENDS!!!!!

But anyways, I think that pansexuality is interesting and its wonderful that some people are able to love people without having to worry about gender. Most people I know that are considered themselves as pansexual, choose not to identify using the word pansexual, but rather queer. Now I’m not even going to attempt to define queer because it really is a case by case label, but according to http://jfhcp.org/home/bisexual-pansexual-queer/ they define queer as “an umbrella term for sexual minorities that are not heterosexual, heteronormative, or gender-binary. Like pansexuals, queer persons have sexual and emotional attractions to members of any sex or gender (including those who are neither male nor female).”

I think this is an interesting topic, and I could go on forever, but I will end it with this quote from a Facebook group:

“Being Pansexual and Liking Someone For WHO They Are Rather Than WHAT”


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