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In response to His response to this weeks topic, I don't necessarily think that pansexual people are necessarily "lucky", because I'm sure there's a lot of people who are mean to them, just like homosexuals and bisexuals? I don't really know. In general, what do you think society's attitude towards pansexuals is like?

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Him: As I said in my post, Pansexual people are lucky in that they are able to feel a romantic and sexual attraction to many different kinds of people. As to society’s attitude towards Pansexuals? Thats a hard one. It really depends on the individual and their partner. If a Pansexual woman is partnered with a cis man (In gender studies, Cisgender ( /ˈsɪsdʒɛndər/) is a class of gender identities where there is a match between an individual’s gender identity and the behavior or role considered appropriate for one’s sex. There are a number of derivatives of the term in use, including cis male for a male with a masculine gender identity, cis female for a female with a feminine gender identity, and cissexual) she would most likely not be bothered. If she were dating a trans woman though, I imagine that there would be some issues. Society seems to disagree with anything that isn’t with the “Norm” So of course anyone who identifies as anything that isn’t “straight” will have some discrimination. 


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