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HIM: Topic #3

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Pansexuality. It kinda rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? This is the first topic with which I’ve had some personal experience! When I was in high school I had a friend, a wonderfully eccentric young lady, who was pansexual. I’d never heard of the term before that, though I’m happy to report that I didn’t think she was in love with cooking pans. I know that before she realized that there was a term that she could use to easily identify herself she would always says things like, “Oh, I like everyone, and everything.” 

Most people, when they hear Pansexual, automatically try to say things like, “Oh, so you’re bi, right?” The simple answer? “No, go fuck yourself.” As per the Topic post, Bisexual means someone is attracted to only two specific genders, within and outside of the Binary. Pansexual people on the other hand are attracted to men, and women, and men who are transitioning to women, and women transitioning to men, and intersex people…and maybe even people who like Justin Bieber. Though, I have serious doubts about that last one. 

 Personally I think that pansexual individuals are incredibly lucky. I’m personally only attracted to men, with one exception, but thats not important right now. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be able to look at anyone, and have the capability to find them sexually attractive. What I mean is, I can look at a woman and say, “She’s beautiful,” Or I can look at a trans man and say, “He’s handsom.” But in either of those cases I don’t know that I could ever think to myself, “Man, I would love to have sex with that person.” 

I know that might seem shallow, and I’m not saying that that might happen to me someday, but at present I just don’t see it being something I’m capable of. Pansexual people though? They never have to worry about things like that. They can look at just about anyone and think not only how beautiful they are, but also feel arousal for those individuals as well.

I wonder if the term pansexual has any relation to the God Pan from greek mythology. He was well known for his sexual prowess and his fondness for men, women, animals, anything that walked, slithered, or had a pulse….I don’t really know, but I think it’s fascinating to think about.

I can’t call this a fetish or a kink, because it’s not. That being said, considering i’m incredibly jealous of Pansexual people, I’d have to say that this would be at something like a .00000000000000001 on my scale of Kink.  


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