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Sexual fetishes never cease to intrigue me since many of them I find to be really strange. Oh, there are some very strange kinks out there! Of course, there’s no problem with people having them necessarily, but I’m extremely curious of when and how people develop these odd sexual inclinations. As for Knismolagnia, which is sexual arousal caused by tickling, I’m extremely baffled how something like this comes to be a preference by an individual. Tickling is an affectionate action that mostly occurs between many parents to their small children or between two people in a relationship in a play-fight way. I remember being a kid and having “tickle fights” with my family. At face value, the action of tickling or being tickled has nothing remotely sexual about it so I’m wondering how someone’s [perhaps subconscious] memories of being tickled become sexualized to them. It cant be as simple as good memories from childhood becoming intensified and then sexualized, otherwise the majority of people my age with active sex lives would have a fetish for Digimon.

Other than how people come to develop this kink, the other thing that I’m wondering about is how that plays out during actual sex. The idea of someone whispering seductively into their partner’s ear “tickle me” seems kind of humorous to me. After all, I’m assuming that Knismolagnia isn’t a common kink (otherwise I’m guessing it’d probably be mentioned more in the pop culture of sex) so imagine hearing that from your partner for the first time. Trying to imagine that, I’d have no idea how I’d react. I would be totally caught off guard! Actually, the notion of someone saying “tickle me” in a seductive manner is pretty hilarious to me.

All in all, Knismolagnia is a pretty strange kink but I will say that there is something cute about it compared to some of the more potentially dangerous kinks.


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