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Knismolagnia! Knismolagnia! Knismolagnia! Say that five times fast! I don’t think I can say that word properly even once! When I first read “Knismolagnia” I was almost positive It was going to be some strange new sexually transmitted infection! The real meaning of the word though, was SO MUCH BETTER!

When I think back on my various sexual encounters, I can’t honestly remember ever feeling aroused by the rough, laughter inducing tickles that are mentioned, I think it was called “Gargalesis” or something like that. The first of the two though, Knismesis, thats a different story all together. I mean, come on, I think everyone’s gotten that little chill that spreads through your whole body when someone you’re attracted to barely brushes against some of your exposed skin. 

What Knismolagnia is though, is the need to be tickled in order to feel sexual stimulation. While I’ve never had a partner with this particular kink, I think it’s actually kind of endearing! Imagine how much fun something like that could be! What starts as a simple game of tickle wars, ends with you and your partner naked and writhing on the floor, the whole time your light, ephemeral touches sending your partner to amazing heights of sexual bliss. 

In the grand scheme of things this kink would probably be a .5 on a scale of zero to ten of the kinkiest things I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn about. Honestly, I have a hard time seeing a downside to this particular kink! I mean, it could be really awkward if you’re a guy and your mom or some other family member starts tickling you, and you get an erection. Or if you were a young lady and you’re at school when your best friend sneaks up on you, starts tickling you, and BAM orgasm city. 

So maybe I can see how this particular kink could be a hassle, but to be totally honest, I really think that benefits greatly outweigh the losses! Keep an eye out for this kink next time you hook up with a guy or gal, who knows, you might tickle your way right into somebodies pants! How cool would that be? 



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